Install It Yourself!
OpenUI Look & Feel installation is simple and straight-forward, much like installing any Miva Merchant module. But, there are a couple of additional steps that have to be taken, to make sure everything goes smoothly, and all of your existing data is moved over correctly.

OpenUI Look & Feel Installation Steps

  1. Installing the OpenUI Look & Feel module
  2. Installing the OpenUI graphic files
  3. Exporting your UI-Settings
  4. Switching your store layout from MMUI to the OpenUI Look & Feel
  5. Importing your UI-Settings

That’s basically all there is to it. For more details and specific instructions, check out the OpenUI Look & Feel Installation Guide in our OpenUI Look & Feel Documentation section.

Let Us Install It For You!
If you want to make sure your installation goes smoothly, we do offer installation services for only $75.00. Just click to Purchase Installation and then complete the Checkout. As soon as we receive confirmation of payment, we will email instructions on scheduling your installation. Installations normally take 24 – 48 hours.